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Truss Brackets     -NEW Metric Sizes-
Exploded view of 1.25in. size . Included in one Truss Bracket is shown above.
This view represents one unit of a Tube Bracket TB1250
  View showing details of machined bracket 1.25in. size
These truss brackets are best used as your truss connection to the mirror box.  Here you see the truss as a pair, with our Quick release cage clamps at the other end, giving you a fast clean assembly of your trusses in the field.   View showing all sizes of the tube brackets except 1.125in. size. The smaller sizes give the telescope maker options to reduce the weight of the upper assembly especially when working with small mirror sizes.    
      Truss Brackets    
      These brackets are precision made to tight tolerances on our CNC milling center. Our Tube Brackets lock your truss tubes in place with the wing knob and make a solid connection while enabling a rapid telescope assembly and disassembly in the field.  They are made of 6061 structural aluminum angle.  See chart below for available sizes. You can download the Mechanical Drawing below to help you plan truss design. We have these brackets on scopes as large as 30in.and as small as10in.mirrors.    
  Available Models  
Material Wt. (ounces) Wt.
Price for
set of 8
Shipping USPS
 in continental USA
English TB0750 3/4 in Aluminum 1.4 40 $13.00 $104.00 Download $12.00
  TB0875 7/8 in Aluminum 1.5 43 $13.00 $104.00 Download $12.00
  TB1000 1 in Aluminum 1.8 51 $13.00 $104.00 Download $12.00
TB1125 1-1/8 Aluminum 2.2 62 $13.50 $108.00 Download $12.00
  TB1250 1-1/4 in Aluminum 2.5 70 $13.50 $108.00 Download $12.00
  TB1500 1-1/2 in Aluminum 2.9 81 $15.00 $120.00 Download $12.00
Metric TBM 25x1 25mm Aluminum 1.8 50 $13.00 $104.00    
  TBM 25x1.5 25mm Aluminum 1.8 40 $13.00 $104.00    
  TBM32x1.5 32mm Aluminum 2.5 69 $13.50 $108.00    
    Design guide for trusses    
This guide is not an all-encompassing design guide, it approaches scope design from the limited standpoint of the traditional 8 truss system using our clamps.  Scope design starts with the mirror and then to the secondary cage.  The secondary cage dimensions can drive the size of the mirror box and the rest of the scope frame.  The trusses convey the dimensions of the secondary cage down to the mirror box.  Therefore, planning your truss design up front will ensure a more functional scope no matter what clamping mechanism you use. I plan to add one or two more pages to this guide, one for angled trusses and for a 6 truss system.  Let me know if you have input on this document or even if you disagree with my approach.  I hope this will be an aid to you designing a great scope. Download truss design guide I Download truss design guide II
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