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We are moving the shop to the Central Oregon town of Prineville.
Construction of the new shop is still underway and will delay our ability to produce machined parts for several weeks. The cure of the  concrete floor is the pacing item for installing the machines. The full shop is expected to be up and running by 5-15-15, approx 6 weeks of down time.

Our new address is:
6644 SE Jerry Dr.
Prineville, Oregon 97754

Our phone has been disconnected and the new phone is not installed yet but is expected by Monday, 4-7-14.  I will post the new number as soon as I get it. At present time, the best way to reach us is by e-mail:

In preparation for the move, we built ahead for our various connectors and off the shelf components. Shipment of many of our products will not be affected.  Customer mirror cells and other specialty items will be delayed until the full shop is back together.

Thanks for your patience.


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      Aurora Precision (AP) has produced precision components in short run production or prototype form for  industry since 1999.  Prior to this, Nate Currier, owner and operator was a mechanical engineer working in a manufacturing environment of electronics, semiconductor and plastics industries. His background includes mechanical design, manufacturing engineering, production management and project management.  In 2002 Aurora started designing and making truss tube components as a request from Dave Danskey, amateur telescope builder and good friend. Dave was frustrated by the wooden clamp blocks he made using Kriege and Berrys book, THE DOBSONIAN TELESCOPE.  From that point on, Aurora has addressed the needs of amateur telescope builders by designing and producing high quality precision components that redefined the level of quality of the amateur telescope.  With Aurora's manufacturing capability, you can build a better scope in your shop or garage because we make the parts that are particularly hard to make at home.  Aurora also has made custom telescopes out of both wood and aluminum from time to time, with each scope being a standout of craftsmanship and design.    
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Home Custom Machining  Custom Mirror Cells Filter Wheel Truss Clamps Cage Truss Clamps Truss Tube Parts
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           Phone: 503-678-6300